2015 James River Writers Conference

Whew! The James River Writers Conference did it again. It exposed its members and the Greater Richmond Area to the talents of leading-edge authors, poets, editors and agents.

Erica Orloff, and poets If you’re a writer, you know this. If you’re not and want to be, read on.

Every November, while the rest of us are worried about learning the difference between stuffing verses dressing, thousands of novice and professional writers park themselves in their favorite writing space and commit to themselves, and the tribe, to write a 50,000 word novel. For most of us mortals, that’s a first draft. If you’re James Patterson or David Baldacci, then for November you probably write 200,000 words and have two novels ready for Christmas stockings. (Just kidding, Mr. Patterson and Mr. Baldacci.)

Like the NORAD website which tracks Santa’s yuletide trek delivering toys to good girls and Whew! The 2015 James River Conference did it again. It exposed its members and the City of Richmond to some of the country’s some of the most relavent and had inspired me to keep at my chosen pursuit, writing. has come and gone.

2015 James River Writers Conference: Every Virginia writer should attend at least once.

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