Serving up a sequel

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 9.48.31 AMIris Lee and Heyu fans: they’re back.

Creating a worthwhile tale takes as much patience as preparing a Saturday evening dinner. The opus casserole should always leave a guest asking for more.

Before shopping for that first word, consider guests’ preferences while composing a table of contents. Sift through heaps of contemplation, setting the extra darlings aside for another use. Gather all ingredients: character sketches, story outline, and a first draft synopsis.

The recipe for a hardy story calls for a prime ingredient of raw characters. Once unwrapped from the butcher’s paper, they must rest awhile to expose the essence of their promise and disappointments. Season with spicy phrases to amplify their innate nature and to test their fortitude.

Select choice verbs. Peel and chop sentences; blend together paragraphs and scenes. Sautee, or toast on one side, chapters. Marinate plot and theme then sear to fuse. Next, simmer manuscript for just the right amount of time. To ensure that the story doesn’t curdle into a tome of mush, sample often for desired taste.

Then, voila! A book for the reading appetite. Ready for seconds? Every Now and Then, the sequel to When Are You Leaving, is currently simmering in the editorial stewpot on a slow burner. Set your timers for an early spring 2018 release.



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