When are You Leaving

When she gets a call claiming her eighty-two-year-old father is selling drugs to the locals, Iris Lee, an unemployed bank executive, is forced to abandon the real world and return to the land time and style forgot, her hometown.

In a quest to uncover the history of an odd broach she finds among her mother’s things, Iris is reacquainted with Mt Pleasant, Virginia, and its entertaining, sometimes odd, inhabitants.

The mystery of the broach, a plot to take over her father’s properties, and a hidden family secret keep Iris pining for the good old, back-stabbing days of her past corporate life.

While facing the loss of her identity, Iris struggles to repair the rocky relationship with her father and to gain his trust and love before it’s too late.

When Are You Leaving is a story about letting go of the past, accepting change and following it into the clear blue unknown.

Book club discussion questions are included at the end of the book.