I Am Jake Crow











Hello, I’m Jake Crow.


In case you were wondering, that’s steam coming out of the holes where my eyes used to be. Somebody has pecked them out and done who knows what with them. I can’t see a thing.  And, yeah, those are my ribs you see poking out of my chest. And those bits you see floating around me with the feathers, you guessed it, those are maggots. It’s getting harder and harder to keep the buzzards away.

I’ve been murdered and my family wants to know who did it. Read all about how Nod, Elder of the Scurry and Gus Owl solve the case in Parkland Tales by Melissa Powell Gay.

If Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven had you leaving the lights on, this story will scare your socks off.

Miss Gay promises that a copy of Parkland Tales makes a great holiday gift for your reader friends. Find it on Amazon Books along with her novel When Are You Leaving.

For when you can't sleep at night




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